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Scott Smith in a Superior Expedition canoe.
Sawyer Canoes built by Superior Canoe Company
Sawyer Cruiser Canoes built by Superior Canoe Company.
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Superior Canoes owner, Scott B. Smith, is the designer and craftsman of the Superior Expedition and Sawyer Cruiser, premier expedition canoes for canoe enthusiasts who paddle the oceans, rivers, and local waterways. Scott worked for Verlen Kruger for 7 years and has built over 100 Kruger boats with Verlen.
  • Handmade in the U.S.A.
  • Kevlar Hull or Fiberglass Hull
  • Optional Foot Operated Rudder
  • Custom Designs for Special Needs
  • Ultra Light Weight
  • Choice of 5 Colors

Sawyer Canoe Company molds were purchased by Scott Smith in November 2006. Scott now builds Sawyer Canoes as a product of his Superior Canoe Company near Portland Michigan. Sawyer had a long, proud history of offering quality boats at an affordable price. For 30+ years Sawyer Canoes had the best design, performance, workmanship and warranty in the industry. Scott B. Smith is committed to that credo. Don't buy a canoe until you try a Superior Canoe, after all, with reasonable care, it will last the rest of your life.

A pride to own, a delight to paddle.

Pictures from the Verlen Kruger Memorial statue dedication: June 2010

Visit the Verlen Kruger Memorial website.

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